European Union Project E+INSTART

Date: 2021-03-15

European Union Project E+INSTART 
In the process of carrying out European Union Project E+INSTART activities, which promote innovation and entrepreneurship, and provide opportunities for building students’ and faculty members’ capacities, in cooperation with Students’ Union Office of Misurata University, INSTART Marathon Competition for the best innovative ideas, with an active Libyan participation of Misurata University and University of Zawia, was launched. 17 project proposals, that reached the final evaluation stage after being selected by the jury from among a big number of project proposals, were presented. In addition, 3 winning project proposals from each university were selected, for the purpose of motivating and supporting emerging entrepreneurs to develop and expand their enterprises. Competition results of Misurata University participants were revealed as: first winner: 91.66, second winner: 89.00, third winner: 87.33. Winners will be contacted for receiving their awards and certifications.