Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center

The University of Misurata has taken on the responsibility of spreading the culture of knowledge, innovation, entrepreneurship, art of dialogue and debate in the society, as well as transforming innovative and distinctive research ideas into successful projects of added value to the Libyan economy.
Innovation has become the cornerstone of the diversification of communities' income sources. Therefore the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship has been established to be the main supporter of the innovators and provide them with a suitable environment for intellectual excellence and scientific creativity.


Active and constant support of creators, innovators and entrepreneurs by providing excellent business links and services from the university and the local community.


Promoting the value of creative energies, encouraging participation in the private sector, and stimulating economic development through entrepreneurs.


The University's Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship has the following objectives:
1. Disseminating and consolidating the culture of leadership and innovation and creativity and the art of dialogue and debate.
2. Encouraging young people to engage in the private sector and contribute to strengthening the local economy.
3. Attracting entrepreneurs with students, graduates and others and provide the necessary support to turn their ideas into promising and value-added projects.
4. Encouraging and developing creative works in the university environment, and working to demonstrate creative works and distinctive aspects at the level of academic and educational environment, locally and internationally.
5. Employing the results of scientific research, innovations and inventions and work to convert them into successful economic projects.
6. Spreading the culture of social responsibility for the role of entrepreneurship in social and economic development.
7. Linking the outputs of higher education with the requirements of the labor market commensurate with human resources, development plans and the national economy.

Principles and Values

Quality - Excellence - Innovation and creativity - Leadership and teamwork - Justice and integrity - Trust - Motivation - Social Responsibility

Organizational Structure

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