General Registrar


Providing the appropriate academic environment for students in the use of modern culture in the completion of various transactions.


Extending the communication bridge between the Department of the Registrar General and the registration and admission offices, and study and examinations offices in the university's faculties to cooperate in the application of Study Regulations governing the study process within the framework of the terms of reference determined by Study Laws and Regulations.


1. Applying the Study Regulations in order to ensure good university output.
2. Providing the appropriate academic environment for all university students.
3. Cooperation with relevant parties to provide good university outputs that serve the needs of the society.
4. Communicating with the university graduates through their work sites to check on the outputs of the university.
5. Looking forward to providing modern techniques to facilitate methods of educational attainment and scientific research for students.
6. Employing the electronic administration in all the units of registration and admission as well as the study and examinations offices.
7. Providing appropriate accommodation and amenities for students of the income departments in order to help them to achieve the educational attainment.
8. Participating in the development of programs for outstanding students.

• Following-up on the educational affairs of the students and supervising the study system.
• Monitoring the application of rules and regulations of study and examinations.
• Supervising the registration of students.
• Preparing statistics, and detailed data about students.
• Supervising the arrangement and the provision of appropriate accommodation for students to help sustain an atmosphere that supports innovation and creativity.
• Regarding social aspects of foreign students.
• Preparing teaching aids and supervising designated hall sand providing them with scientific and documentary tapes and discs.