The Soon to Be Opened New Consultation Clinics of Misurata University

Date: 2021-03-02

The Soon to Be Opened New Consultation Clinics of Misurata University 
We are eagerly waiting for the reopening of the Consultation Clinics of Misurata University for Oral and Dental Medicine and Surgery, which is one of the most important icons of Misurata University in the field of community and environment service, as these clinics provide free of charge services to all community members.
In Addition, Consultation Clinics provide an academic environment for final year dental students.
Dr. Faraj Ali Aboshaala, President of Misurata University, has supervised the preparation of the Consultation Clinics by providing full support and continuous follow-up, and supplying the clinics with medical equipment and supplies of the best quality. Additionally, Dr. Mohamed Mohamed Sawalem, Vice-President of Academic Affairs, has showed his full and unlimited support to the clinics and the university as well. The overall preparation process of the clinics has been under the supervision of Dr. Anas Fayez Ben Ismail, Head of Medical Affairs Department.
Overview of what the clinics contain:
The new consultation clinics contain four departments with new halls divided into:
1. Pediatric Department with 5 dental chairs.
2. Endodontics Department with 9 dental chairs.
3. Diagnosis and Surgery Department with 4 dental chairs.
4. Periodontal Department with 4 dental chairs.
5. Permanent Tooth Replacements Department with 4 dental chairs.
6. Temporary Tooth Replacements Department with 2 dental chairs.
7. Central Sterile Supply Department with 8 class B equipment.
8. Nursery Unit.
9. OPG X-ray.
10. RVG Sensor.
These Clinics include a number of waiting rooms and a reception area.
The water capacity of clinics has been enhanced by the construction of a desalination plant of 6,500-litre daily production and water sterilizers for medical use.
The students who benefit from the clinics are (4th year students and sub-interns).
Previously, Consultation Clinics have provided free of charge services to citizens for years. The number of cases handled on a daily basis have reached more than 150 cases, and more than 16.000 cases per year.
All of the above mentioned would make the Consultation Clinics an academic environment for the Faculty of Dentistry students and a services center that constantly provide services for all community members.
All thanks and appreciation go to the maintenance teams, staff of the clinics, the medical assistants, and the Project Management of the university, who worked very hard to present this medical edifice in the best form.
We ask Allah for good luck and success for this facility in providing services for all community members.