Research and Consultation Center

We have conviction with the role played by the university in serving and developing the community and its keenness to backup services that contribute to advancement and progress of the community. The said rendered services include activation of scientific research through supporting this aspect and creating administrative bureaus such as bureau of research, Arabic language and heritage consultations for conducting significant studies in addition to provision of technical and scientific assistance for researchers, specialists and service applicants.
Management of the Bureau will be established after perusal of specialized centers on the regional level in order to benefit from their experiences and services to secure excellence and performance of the service we render to community.


: Providing scientific consultations and specialized courses closely relevant to implementation of ambitious development plans in the university, being a distinctive national advisory and expertise house.


Endeavoring to provide distinctive, research, advisory and training services based on high experience derived from capabilities, expertise and good reputation of the university in the area of research, Arabic and heritage studies and community serving.


Springing out from its basic mission, the Management of the Bureau endeavors to establish fruitful and beneficial relations with service applicants from different authorities and bodies.
On the other hand, and as owner of a considerable stock of experience and knowledge, the Management of the Bureau offers such stock to assist various institutions and organization for advancement of their respective sectors and provision of distinguished services in the following primary fields :
1/ Research and scientific advisory services : To study, process and render solutions for practical problems in the field of Arabic language and heritage studies encountered by service seekers.
2/ Training : To organize training courses and workshops.
3/ Attempt to market and employ the findings of research and studies.


  • Rafi Muhammad Bait Al-Mal

    Rafi Muhammad Bait Al-Mal

    Director of the Arabic Language and Heritage Research and Consultation Office