Educational and Social Research and Consulting Office

The Bureau of Educational and Social Research and Consultation is one of the offices of the Research and Consultation Center at the University of Misurata, approved by Resolution (350) for the year 2005 regarding the establishment of a branch of the Research and Consultation Center Article (1). He is scientifically linked to the university colleges (Arts / Education), and he is responsible for providing information and data and providing advice and experience in all specialized and diverse human scientific fields in Libyan society.


The educational and social research and consultancy office should be a university of distinguished national experiences in studies and research that the Libyan community aspires to serve and adhere to its principles, and achieve scientific innovation in the field of effective partnership with the Libyan society institutions.


The importance of the office lies in drawing and laying down scientific and purposeful scientific plans to achieve scientific excellence and looking forward to a society free from problems and negative phenomena through research projects that meet the needs of the Libyan community to contribute to achieving the renaissance and community development.


- Achieving the university's goals related to the policy of scientific research and consultations, and adhering to its mission and goals for the continuous improvement of the colleges' performance, activating the various activities and helping to open the university to society and sharing with all its institutions.
- Linking with the corresponding offices in other universities at home and abroad to increase benefit and exchange experiences with them.
- Create a database for research, seminars, workshops and conferences, and overcome the difficulties that you may encounter.
- Open dialogues with young people to learn about their problems and future aspirations.
- Attention to the activities carried out by the university and its impact on serving the community, exploiting the available resources and searching for new resources that contribute to supporting the Libyan community to contribute to solving some of its issues and achieving social development.


  • Afaf A. Ali

    Afaf A. Ali