Language Center

Our Centre is always busy to develop pioneers’ capabilities and skills in a number of languages. We aim to prepare our trainees through training programmes to be effective in using foreign languages in order to prosper the society. However, the Language Centre gains a good reputation in language teaching by our professional staff who are well-experienced due to the mutual relations with international institutions as the British Council. The Language Centre staff is honorable to achieve our commitment and the Centre is always open to exchange knowledge and culture.


To be number one in language teaching inside and outside Libya according to high quality standards.


Teaching languages to improve learner’s culture and open new horizons by setting new concepts about people all over the world.


1. Offer extensive courses for teaching-assistants, graduates, members of teaching staff, employees and dispatched Libyan students to help them overcome language and culture obstacles in foreign countries.
2. Promote friendship and academic cooperation between Libyans and speakers of other languages in order to import, localize and develop knowledge and technology.
3. Open the university to the surrounding environment to offer services to Libyan society and contribute in solving educational problems, particularly foreign language teaching.
4. Offer Arabic language courses for non-Arabic speakers.
5. Promote scientific research in applied linguistics and translation studies.
6. Contact matchable international centres for exchanging ideas and experiences in language and translation.
7. Provide expertise, consultation and translation.
8. Prepare and hold English language placement test.
9. Contribute to offer language courses for university employees.
10. Communicate and keep up with specialized institutions of languages.
11. Offer training courses in translation and interpreting.
12. Prepare Arabic language programmes for non-Arabic speakers.
13. Hold conferences, seminars and workshops in teaching foreign languages.
14. Offer courses and workshops to increase proficiency of English teachers of primary and secondary schools.