Human Resources Development Office

The office was established by the resolution of the President of the University No. 529 issued on 14.05.2015.


Continuous training of human resources to raise their efficiency and promote a culture of excellence in order to achieve the vision of the university.


1- Raising the level of performance of the individual scientific and professional to reach the human resources capable of achieving the objectives of the university.
2- Developing and enhancing the capabilities and skills of workers in all disciplines to reach good quality in performance.
3- Achieving maximum efficiency by making the workforce successfully accomplish what is required of it.
4- Promoting an environment that allows for creativity and innovation, and inspiring all employees at the University with new skills.
5- Developing and consolidating core values towards creativity, innovation and learning through access to effective leadership, motivation, communication, recognition of achievement and good governance.
6- Providing opportunities for growth, development and maturity of knowledge, scientific and professional at all organizational, administrative and technical levels.
7- Encouraging the self-development and professionalism of employees at all levels to help them reach the desired performance.
8- Enhancing confidence among employees at all levels.
9- Access to qualified administrative staff to provide various technical, administrative and service services to the university community, which contributes to improve the performance of the educational process.
10- Strengthening the competitive position of the university through the qualification of scientific and professional staff.
11- Identifying the training programs needed to develop performance and raise efficiency.
12- Activating the courses required by the nature of work in the institutions of the university to raise the capabilities of personnel and follow the latest administrative methods.
13- Preparing the necessary training plans to develop and raise the level of performance.
14-Implementing plans and programs aimed at increasing the capabilities of individuals.