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Online ISSN 2664 – 1682

Guide for Authors / Author instructions

The Journal of the Faculty of Arts is a refereed journal concerned with publishing research papers and scientific studies in the field of humanities and Islamic culture according to the following:
1. The research shall be innovative and unpublished, and shall not be under review at the same time in any other party. The journal shall not publish researches obtained and extracted from previous research or approved theses.
2. Researchers must submit their original papers without any infringement of copyright and printing, in accordance with the template set for publication. They are also responsible for all issues and claims relating to copyrights and intellectual property. They are obliged to bear all legal consequences in particular, without any responsibility for the journal.
3. The names of the co-researchers should be listed in the paper based on the percentage of achievement, so that the first name is the most contributing researcher, then the researcher who follows, and so on.
4. If the research is funded by a party, it should be mentioned within the paper.
5. The researcher must follow to the fundamentals of scientific research, its rules and methodology.
6. For Arabic-language research: The distance between lines (1.15), font type (Traditional Arabic), font size (15), and the headings and sub-headings are the same font type but in size (16) bold.
7. For English, French, or Italian-language research: The distance between lines (1.15), font type (Times New Roman), size (12) and the headings and sub-headings are the same font type but in size (14) bold.
8. The page margins are (2.50) cm for all sides, and in each new paragraph a first line indent (1 cm) is left.
9. Research must not exceed 25 pages including the list of references and appendices.
10. Authors should submit three hard copies of their work and a soft copy (CD) of the journal.
11. Authors should write all the information requested on the form supplied to them.
12. The journal adopts the indexing system (APA 6th) American Psychological Association.
13. The research submitted to the journal is evaluated by two experienced referees and when the result is opposed, it is presented to a third referee
14. The researcher is obliged to modify his paper if he is asked to (as deletion, increase or reformulation).
15. No transfer or quotation from the published research shall be made except by referencing the journal.
16. Papers submitted for publication in the journal becomes of the rights of the Journal, and will not be returned to authors whether published or not. The journal has the right to publish and print the research submitted to it, and it is not allowed to re-publish the papers in another journal.

Journal Scopes:

  • Arabic Language and Literature
  • Social Science
  • History, tourism and archeology
  • Philosophy and libraries
  • Foreign languages
  • Geography and information systems
  • psychology
  • educational Sciences