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Saliha Berdi
The terminological system determines what knowledge is, and if this limitation is ignored, tracing its effects and representing its possible perceptions is an impossible multiplication, because the systematic practice, even if it represents the essence of the critical lesson, the terminological system achieves the dynamism and dynamism of this practice from the theoretical and procedural standpoint, in light of This importance imposes idiomatic experimentation in the system of critical discourse itself as a problem that will overturn the scales, if convincing solutions are achieved, because the change that follows the system of monetary convention imposes an amendment in the formation of the systematic system and the reliable reading perception in the approach to the text, and if it is These recent top concerns of critical thinking, the accountability of pluralism within the terminological approach Mahith concerned Bnsagh, has become the other of the challenges of this thinking, and ex.

Date Published : 2020-01-19


The aim of this research paper is to recognize the necessary criteria for evaluating the achievements tests at the graduate stage in the Faculty of Arts, Misurata University and how such tests of the total quality standards were taken into consideration. The original community if this research consisted of (49) achievement tests of different modules that were carried out in the Arabic language Department during the years (2012-2018). The researcher adopted the list of criteria prepared by Alghazal (2012). The list was presented to a group of evaluators to ensure its validity, and the constant was extracted by calculating the coefficient (Alpha Cronbach). The statistical treatments indicated a set of results, the most important of which are: 1. Most of the tests (96.6%) were written in a clear language. 2. The percentage of tests measuring the ability of students to practice various mental processes was (83.4%). 3. Some graduate professors focus on essay questions within their tes.

Date Published : 2020-01-19


The research deals with the experience of Al- Niffarī Sufism, through his station of the Sufi witness in the event of Fanā or (Dissolution of the Ego), which he expressed in his texts “Al-Mawāqif”, thus station or spiritual standing is the apocalyptic vision and the eschatological revelation, and the polarity of the experience of divine unity, found expression in construction of language and solely self conversational discourse, Formed intense flashes in its significance, to express the state of “Fanā” and the manifestations on the mystic heart.

Date Published : 2020-02-03

Classroom Management Problems and Coping Strategies of Misurata Libyan Secondary School EFL Teachers

Sumaia Mohammed Abu Habil
Laila Muftah Abu Lifa
Classroom management (CM) is one of the most pressing problems faced by Libyan Secondary School teachers in Misurata City. This study used mixed research design (quantitative and qualitative ) to find out the classroom management problems and coping strategies. The participants of the study were10 female Libyan teachers from Asma secondary school in Misurata. All of them were chosen randomly and they were asked to fill in the questionnaire. Also, two main teachers were observed in their class time. The analyses of data obtained from the questionnaire and observation indicated that there are two kinds of classroom problems faced by English Foreign Language Teachers (EFLT) mainly students` misbehavior in the class and academic problems of teaching large class sizes with mixed abilities, and seating arrangement. The findings showed that 100% of teachers were in agreement that the behavior problems can disrupt teaching and learning processes. On the other hand, all of the teachers agree th.

Date Published : 2020-02-04

The reality of administrative performance of heads of scientific departments from the viewpoint of the staff members of the Faculty of Arts / Misurata University

This research aims to identify the reality of administrative performance among heads of scientific departments at the Faculty of Arts, Misurata University from the viewpoint of faculty members. The research community consisted of all faculty members at the School of Arts, Misurata University, who numbered (156) members, and a random sample of them (80) members was selected. In order to achieve the objectives of the research, the researchers designed a questionnaire with a number of (36) items, distributed over seven areas, and the questionnaire was presented to a group of arbitrators to ensure its validity and calculate the stability factor using the Alvakronbach coefficient, where the total stability factor of the tool (0.97)%. Results have shown the following: - The number of achieved paragraphs (14) paragraphs and the relative weight ranges between (60-81.4), while the number of unfulfilled paragraphs (22) paragraphs and the relative weight ranges between (1.67 - 2.82). - There.

Date Published : 2020-03-04

Critical Vision of the Moroccan Journey

The literary journey depends on the style of its author, which lines her with his views, ideas, culture, and the summary of his experiences, and what they contain of models, visions, and critical images rarely found in other sources, and this is the first motivation for her study, and to identify the stops and critical pictures of her writer, the extent of his interest in it, and the level at which His views were criticized in the context of public criticism. This study dealt with the definition of the trip and its owner, then the nature of criticism in its era, and finally the characteristics of the critical vision in the Moroccan trip, using the historical approach, and using the procedures of reading theory. The results of the study were multiple and varied between admiring the writer before admiring the literary work itself, and the opinions that carry a lot of impressionism and generalization in governance, and between objective scientific analysis of literary work indicating its .

Date Published : 2020-03-26

The spatial analysis of the weekly popular markets in the municipality of Zliten

Ali M. Alteer
Khalid H. Glilib
Moamar M. Alshuhoumi
The research aims to identify the places and time of the weekly popular markets held in the municipality of Zliten and its role in developing commercial activity in it, by studying their geographical spatial analysis .The field study approach was adopted as a research method of this study which based on the direct observation to collect research data, in addition to the statistical quantitative approach for the purpose of analyzing the collected data. The results of the study showed that the size and strength of the commercial activity of the popular weekly markets is related to its geographical location, where the strength of the commercial activity increases in the markets which located on the main road, therefore their commercial services scope extends to outside the borders of the Municipality of Zliten .

Date Published : 2020-06-05

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