Biomedical and Research Office

Through its staff, the Office of Biomedical and Research strives to contribute primarily to the support, encouragement and assistance of researchers in carrying out their research with high quality. The target groups to support and assist them in developing and carrying out their research are the faculty members in all colleges of the university as well as graduate students at the university. The services of the Office of Biomedical and Research are not limited to supporting and encouraging researchers affiliated with the University of Misurata, but the Office is looking forward to cooperating with other public and private entities to conduct examinations and analyzes.


The vision establishing a culture of scientific research in Libya.


The contribution of the Office of Biomedical and Research is to participate actively in conducting research that will serve the human being in various fields related to basic sciences and medical in general and linking the University of Misurata with private and public institutions with society. Another of the tasks of the Office of is to contribute to the definition of local research by spreading their scientific production in scientific journals and participating in them in local and international scientific conferences and seminars. Spreading a culture of scientific research and development in our society is also considered among the tasks of this office


• Adopting research projects in the fields of basic sciences, biotechnology, Biomedical, environmental sciences and water.
• Providing a suitable environment for research within the university.
• Provide scientific advice to private and public institutions.


  • Hashem Eltreki

    Hashem Eltreki



  • Ibrahim E. Abaid

    Ibrahim E. Abaid


  •  mohammed S. Elassawi

    mohammed S. Elassawi


  • Dr. Elmahdi Moftah Elsriti

    Dr. Elmahdi Moftah Elsriti

    director of the centre of researches and consaltances

    Degree:Economic Phd

  • Ebraheem  A. Erhoma

    Ebraheem A. Erhoma