Graduate Studies, Teaching Assistants and Training Office

Graduate Studies, Teaching Assistants and Training Office

The Faculty is seeking to improve the academic education according to high standards, in order to graduate qualified, professional and academic graduates in the field of media whom are able to solve the society's problems.



Improving the academic mentality in the field of media and graduating qualified individuals, in order to conduct academic research.


1. Training students on how to use research methods.
2. Providing the academic institutions with qualified teachers.
3. Training highly qualified specialists in the field of media.
4. Studying and solving both the local and international issues.

Principles and Values

Organizational Structure

The Faculty of Media and Art grants the Master's Degree in the field of media according to the following:
The study lasts for (3) semesters, in which students have to study (3) subjects for the first (2) semesters and (4) subjects in the last semester. They have to actively attend the required lectures and submit academic papers. The program requires students to study a total of (36) academic units, (30) for the academic lectures and (6) units for the dissertation.

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Madiha Mohamed Abdel-Ali

Madiha Mohamed Abdel-Ali