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The Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of Misurata University was established to be one of the most important scientific destinations specialized in the field of legal sciences which is considered as the cornerstone of building a society based on order, justice, and law. It took upon it to achieve the lofty mission of teaching the science of law and all the related legal and social sciences in order to achieve its ultimate goal of developing and rooting the legal thought and disseminating legal culture. Furthermore, it aims to become an advisory and expertise center for everyone interested in the legal field. Towards achieving these goals, the Faculty of Law has developed plans and implemented disciplines, standards, and procedures that would increase its efficiency and enable it to fully spread its message and achieve its goals.

Our Dean

Praise be to Allah, and peace be upon the messenger of Allah.
Welcome dear visitor to the website of the faculty where it aspires to foster the relationship between the faculty and its students and between the members of the community as a whole in order to achieve its goals as a source of legal inspiration, raising legal awareness in our community. Through its website, the faculty will be available for any queries and criticism in order to help the visitors to get all the legal answers, clarifications, and information that help them solve their legal issues and know their rights and obligations laid down in the legislation. In addition, the faculty aims to build a society in which justice and equality prevail and promote justice through providing society with qualified graduates to serve as lawyers, judges, and counsellors in all the official public and private sectors of the state.


The faculty aspires to become a scientific destination specialized in the legal field at local and international levels.


Creating professional cadres specialized in legal sciences by educating them in these sciences, refining their personal skills, and qualifying them scientifically and practically to achieve excellence and proficiency, as a service to the community.


The faculty aims to achieve the following goals:
1. Creating locally and internationally qualified professional cadres specialized in the field of legal studies needed by the community.
2. Contributing to developing and rooting the legal thought and disseminating the legal culture through promoting theoretical and practical scientific research, organizing and participating in conferences and seminars, and publishing specialized books and studies.
3. Studying and developing the fiqh (deep and comprehensive understanding) of sharia (Islam`s legal system) to meet the requirements of this age according to the foundations derived from the Islamic Sharia.
4. Offering ideas and suggestions in the different legal fields and working to make the faculty an advisory and expertise center for the society institutions.
5. Working on increasing the competency of teaching staff and faculty personnel through organizing training courses, seminars, and workshops in keeping with the latest developments in the scientific and administrative fields.

Admission Rules

Admission requirements:
• The applicant must have a Secondary School diploma from one of the Libyan schools, or any other recognized equivalent diploma with the approved percentage for admission to the faculty.
• The applicant must be of good conduct and has not been convicted of any offence against honor, unless he has been rehabilitated.
• The applicant must not have been dismissed from other colleges for academic or disciplinary reasons.
• The applicant must be in good health and able to pursue education.
• The applicant must pass the admission test and personal interviews established by the faculty.
• Any other requirements adopted by the faculty or provided by legislation in force.

Degrees offered by the faculty:
• Bachelor`s Degree in Law
The Faculty of Law offers Bachelor`s Degree in Law to its graduates after passing all the required courses consisting of at least 144 compulsory units and 8 optional units.
• Master’s Degree in Private Law
The Faculty of Law offers Master`s Degree in Private Law after the student passes the preliminary stage and completes and defends his Master’s thesis that is approved by a specialized committee.

Scientific Departments

Public Law Department
Private Law Department

These departments do not offer degrees.

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