Documentation & International Center at Misurata University

We will shed light in this report to the most important of what has been achieved from the Information and Documentation Center during the past three months  and will review the work done together with images attached to each work.

System of electronic archiving :

An electronic system enables you to compose letters and print them out with the ability of searching them in an easy and seamless way. The features of this system is saving all the letters had been composed (Inbox and outbox and internal letters), which provides the possibility of retrieval the letters at any later time to modify them, print or display them. Following are major screens used in this system.

Apply the training centers related to the languages center :

This application generally concerned with the management of the training centers. In opening, adding courses and registering students in courses with the ability of editing viewing and deleting data of the students and the courses. What characterize this application is the simplicity of the design, efficiency and ease of use with the possibility of load the application on the Internet. The following are some of the interfaces of the system.

Contracts system :

An electronic system that collects company offers that offered for internet services and subscriptions and special types in each service. As the system stores a range of important information about Contracts such as the type of contract, the beginning and the end of the subscription, uploaded speed, download speed, and monthly ration and other. Here is some of the interfaces of the system.

Video Montage of the administrative departments of the University and its activities :

The Center has presented a video montage to introduce the University and its motto and aims also the Administrative departments and a simplified explanation of them. Also the center had made 3 videos concerned the activities of the faculties of Misurata university, this activities was under the auspices of the Misurata university.

      The center had made a video as well that presented a detailed statistic about students numbers of spring 2013/2014 according to faculties, gender and nationality also according to scientific departments of each faculty. Also they had opened a channel on YouTube to view the mentioned videos which has been achieved because these materials had not been displayed on the screen allocated to them by the university which is based near the faculty of Arts. It should be noted that the channel that have been opened on YouTube have been linked with the website of the university in order to allow the visitors of the website to watch the university University’s activities and departments through these videos.

System of the Legal Counsel :

It is an application or a system that concerned with composing of letters and reports of the legal counsel office. This application allows the composing printing searching editing and viewing and saving the letters to facilitate the process of the referring to  the letters. It characterized with a simple and uncomplicated Interfaces which facilitate using it. also it can be loaded on internet and here are some of the Interfaces of this application.

Creating emails for University and Faculties

Some emails has been created for the employees of the University and some faculties such as Information & Technology Faculty, Engineering Faculty, Dentist College, Nursing Faculty and Science Faculty.

Organizing courses in and outside the University :

Organizing a course in the University for the employees of the faculties in charge of developing the website of each faculty and guide them how to deal with the website and its updates.

Development of the Universities website :

  • Upload the entire University’s directory in  the  website of the University.
  • Following up all new activities of the University or the faculties and included it in the website.
  • Full supervision of the University’s website and create an Illustrative designs periodically to be included in the site.