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Concept of the Conference

Labor market efficiency is the key factor which contributes to boosting the economic activity and accelerating the process of development; therefore, any imbalance between the education system outputs and the demands of labor market will eventually lead to serious shortcomings in achieving the development goals. Efficiency of labor market depends on several factors, including: the extent to which the outputs of the education system meet the labor market demands in addition to the appropriate mechanisms that ensure the capacity of labor market to absorb the available workforce. The relationship between education system outputs and labor market demands is, hence, one of the topics that we should shed light on. Due to the significance of this matter, an international conference on education system outputs and labor market demands, entitled “Today's Challenges and Future Prospects”, is set to be held.

Conference Goals

  • Getting to know the nature of higher education and labor market in Libya.
  • Analyzing higher education legislations and legislations related to labor market.
  • Getting benefit from regional and international experiences.
  • Looking ahead to the future of the Libyan higher education and labor market.

Conference Themes
  • The increase in the number of students and graduates and the spending on higher education.
  • Horizontal expansion of universities and its consequences.
  • Research and community service.
  • Evolution of use (by gender, nationality, and sector).
  • Demographic changes and their impact on the labor market.
  • Labor migration and the growth of the shadow economy.
  • Wage levels and the issue of poverty.
  • The knowledge gap between higher education outputs and labor market demands.
  • The nature of unemployment (characteristics of the unemployed, causes, effects, and solutions).
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises and their role in providing job opportunities.
  • Analyzing labor legislations and the extent to which they match the labor market.
  • Evaluating higher education policies.
  • Evaluating demographic and use policies.
  • Economic policies and their role in providing job opportunities.

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Director of the Scientific Committee: Dr. Abdulhakeem Mohammed Masli
Committee Member: Dr. Mahmood Mohammed Mlooda
Committee Member: Dr. Hasan Abdullah Aldeeb