Research and Consulting Office


Excellence in scientific research to strengthen the faculty position locally and regionally and promote its role consultative role as a community service.


We seek to promote and support researches in humanities, providing an active scientific environment for creating researches qualified to build a knowledge society, employing the faculty capacities to develop institutions of public and private sectors related to the faculty disciplines through providing consultations and increasing the efficiency of its personnel.


1. Achieving the university goals related to scientific research and counselling.
2. Addressing modern humanitarian issues within scientific research framework and employing them in knowledge service.
3. Encouraging teaching staff members and students to study and tackle educational, psychological, and scientific issues that encounter the community and attempting to develop successful solutions for these issues.
4. Assisting teaching staff members and students in conducting field researches through communicating with the concerned authorities to resolve any difficulties.
5. Strengthening intellectual ties and disseminating scientific culture among researches to achieve the scientific and research communication between the different sciences.
6. Providing scientific materials for professors and students of the university through establishing a database for researches, symposiums, workshops, and conferences in which teaching staff members participated, in addition to students’ graduation projects.
7. Coordination with the relevant authorities to carry out what is required by the editorial boards of journals and other publications, published by the faculty,
8. Communicating with universities and research centers on local and regional levels to establish an effective scientific partnership.

Organizational Structure


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