Community Service and Environment Office

The office of community service and environment coordinator is one of the offices at Administration and Finance department of the Faculty of Arts, Misurata University. It is scientifically and practically affiliated with the faculty departments and the rest of the institution and local community faculties. The office functions include supervision of the implementation of activities, research work, and scientific advisory based on the cadres of these departments, including professors, researchers, teaching assistants, and postgraduate students. The office seeks to cooperate and interact with the civil society sectors and institutions and the public and private centers to promote positive development, instill good values, enhance the culture and knowledge level in order to achieve balanced social development for all community members.


Aspiring for a civilized society capable of dealing with the social issues and phenomena that encounter community and environment.


Guiding any institution looking for how to serve community and environment scientifically and intellectually.


1. Developing and refining the Libyan citizens personality and making them capable of confronting challenges and modern social phenomena.
2. Working on employing the use of the scientific approach in studying the social issues and phenomena.
3. Contributing to raising community awareness through training programs, symposiums, and researches.
4. Providing counselling to the different community institutions as an assistance in solving problems and enhancing performance.
5. Investing in available resources and questing for new resources that contribute to supporting the Libyan community economy and achieving sustainable development.
6. Promoting science development in community and environment service for the investment of human resources.
7. Contributing to developing scientific knowledge through encouraging teaching staff members to conduct studies and researches.

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