A workshop on the Significance of the World Day of Geographic Information Systems _ sponsored by Misurata University.

Start Date: 2020-10-11
End Date : 2020-10-11
At : 11:00:00

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Unit, belonging to the Information and Documentation center _ Misurata University, in partnership with ESRI Northeast Africa, the Libyan Geospatial Consulting Center, OpenStreetMap Foundation _Libya, and the Libyan Society for Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems invite you to attend the online workshop on the importance of the World Day of Geographic Information Systems on Sunday 11/10/2020 at 11:00 am, online through the following link:

Workshop Areas:
1. What is the World Day of Geographic Information System (GIS)?
2. Celebrate Geographic Information System with everyone.
3. Establishing and taking care of your own Geographic Information Systems Community.
4. Discover and Explore the advantages of Geographic Information Systems.
5. Presenting the uses of Geographic Information Systems.

Keynote speakers:
1. Prof. Dr. Faraj Abushaala, president of Misurata University.
2. Dr. Abduladim Maitieg, manager of Geographic Information System Unit.
3. Engr. Kholoud Saad.
4. Esri Northeast Africa (Esri NeA).
5. Engr. Enas Krayem.
6. Geospatial Libya Consulting (Esri Partner)
7. Colonel: Abdulmenem Alteebar, Ministry of Interior _ Libya.
8. Mr. Omar Mohammed Albalaazy, director of the office of Planning and Strategies - Ministry of Local Government.
9. Dr. Jamal Gleydan, head of Geological Survey.
10. Dr. Abdulrahman Alferjany, Libyan Action Group for National Open Digital Mapping.
11. Engr. Abdelbaset Bindalla, head of the Libyan Society for Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems.
12. Abdalaraouf Albeebas, head of the General Information Authority.
13. Engr. Abdalrahman Alfahd, Libyan Urban Planning Association.
14. Engr. Mohammed Albheeleel, Real Estate Registartion Authority.
15. Engr. Adel Assadeg, Public Projects Aythority.
16. Dr. Akram alkasah, head of the Libyan Center for Remote Sensing and Space Science.
17. Dr. Saad Bomtary, OpenStreetMap Foundation _Libya. 18. Ibrahim Alarady, head of Biruni Remote Sensing Center.