University Projects… from Vision to Reality

Misurata University Projects from vision to reality, جامعة مصراتة من الرؤية إلى الواقع

Universities and institutions of higher education in general are deemed as scientific and cultural radiation centers in their communities. They are the main source for the cultivation of human resources that contribute to the programs and plans of economic, social and cultural development of communities, through the dissemination of knowledge and the carrying out of  scientific, educational and social research, together with the preparation of studies and statistics and the training of qualified scientific personnel.

Henceforth driven by the conviction that human capital, that is capable of giving and creating,  and which contributes effectively to the progress of society and raising  the standards of living, needs a supportive environment that guarantees a positive   educational atmosphere and the availability of contemporary high quality scientific works of research. Therefor, in order to provide the appropriate environment in terms of: premises, laboratory equipment and furniture, alongside with the supply of textbooks and teaching aids.

جامعة مصراتة من الرؤية إلى الواقع Misurata University from vision to reality
cafeterias and forums Misurata University, الكافيتيريات والمنتديات جامعة مصراتة.
Faculty Members Accommodations Misurata University, جامعة مصراتة أماكن إقامة أعضاء هيئة التدريس
Girls Lounges Misurata University, صالات البنات جامعة مصراتة
University Farm Misurata University, مزرعة الجامعة جامعة مصراتة
Misurata University Logo, شعار جامعة مصراتة

The university, as a newly formed public university, founded on premises that are originally preparatory or secondary schools or intermediate institutes is contriving to provide suitable housing facilities via adopting a policy of  two parallel lines:

  • The first line: Increasing the efficiency of existing faculty buildings through maintenance and development works; such as the provision of necessary laboratories, as well as the construction of auditoriums, classrooms, gymnastics halls, cafes, girls’ lounges, security staff lounges and administrative offices. All of these measures are taken to ensure sustaining a suitable university education environment, and to readily handle the growing numbers of graduates of high schools for the coming years.
  • The second line: executing a long-term plan aimed at building an integrated university complex at Alsoaoh – Zawiyet AlMahjoub area with the capacity of (30) thousand students, stretching over an estimated area of 96 hectares. This complex is amongst other university complexes and other projects authorized by the Libyan Government. Contracts were signed with the Organization for Development of Administrative Centers, and blueprint designs and preliminary equipment were brought about. Contracts also were signed with a specialized company to carry out this project, which is a great asset to the University as it comprises faculty buildings, administrative buildings and other associated facilities.