Procurement and Stores Office

  • Supplying the University’s needs of office and accommodation equipment and supplies including furniture, scientific and medical laboratories, computers and other needs related to the work and activity of the University.
  • Supplying the University with its needs of stationery items and operating requirements such as chemical substances, analysis substances, etc…
  • Managing all the work related to opening credits and customs clearance for all University imports.
  • Examining procurement to ensure compliance with specifications defined in procurement contracts, and taking the necessary action against any defects or irregularities.
  • Implementing applicable legislation in the field of procurement and stores.
Misurata University Procurement and Stores Office, مكتب المخازن والمشتريات جامعة مصراتة
  • Ensuring stores commitment of: keeping inventory books and records, making regular entries, keeping stock cards and registering received and issued stocks.
  • Ensuring the availability of all the procedures and requirements of security and safety in stores.
  • Participating in the work of committees and task forces related to office’s activity.
  • Preparing annual and periodic follow-up reports on the office activities.

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