Organizational Chart

University President:

Who is responsible for executing decisions and recommendations  made by the University Council. Together with managing the  scientific, educational, administrative and financial affairs of the university according to the rules and legislations. The following administrations and offices are under his direct jurisdiction:

  • The University President Office.
  • The Department of Libraries.
  • Department of Student Activities.
  • The Office of Legal Affairs.
  • Office of Internal Audit.
  • Information and Documentation Center.
  • The Media Center.
  • The University Registrar.

Vice President for Scientific Affairs:

 The Vice President of Scientific Affairs is entrusted with assisting the University President in executing the University Council’s decisions and recommendations. In addition to supervising the following administrations and offices:

  • The Department of Faculty Affairs.
  • The Department of Postgraduate Studies, Training and TAs.
  • Technical Advisory Office.
  • International Collaboration Bureau.
  • Quality and Performance Assessment Bureau.

Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs:

Who functions under the supervision and guidance of the University President and is in charge of:

  • Supervising developing administrative, instructional and financial plans, plans pertaining general services, procurements, stores, security, technical affairs and projects. In addition to overseeing the drawing up of budgets, schedules, execution policies for these plans.
  • Supervising the allocation and of the university’s annual budget, deliberating it with the competent authorities and working on having it passed Presiding the university’s employees’ Committee of Personnel Affairs.
  • Supervising the compiling of the annual report of university activities, and other periodical reports within his jurisdiction.
  • Overseeing the preparation of the final account and submitting it for approval.
  • Overseeing the implementation of the approved organizational chart, and supervising the accreditation of the annual staffing.
  • Offering proposals to ensure the development of university functions and simplification of procedures. Besides supervising the preparation of administrative, financial and technical manuals.
  • The Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs is in charge of the following offices:

-Office of Administrative Affairs.

– Office of Self-Resources Development.

– Office of Financial Affairs.

– Planning and Follow-up Office.

– General Services Bureau.

– University Security Bureau.

– Procurement and Stores Office.

– Technical Affairs and Projects Department.

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