Office of General Services

  • Offering reception and inquiry services for frequenters.
  • Offering all sorts of service to the University staff in accordance with applicable legislation.
  • Booking tickets for delegates on official missions.
  • Holding reception services and all sorts of arrangements for guests of the University including arranging their meeting with University officials.
  • Conducting all hotel-booking and reception procedures for faculty and staff members.
  • Regulating the movement of University vehicles, and maintaining their records and files, and assuming responsibility for their maintenance, permits fuel, oil…etc.
  • Conducting ceremonies of religious, local and national types.
Misurata University General Service Office, مكتب الخدمات العامة جامعة مصراتة
  • Strengthening brotherly and friendly bonds among University workers by holding concerts, organizing trips, recreational and sports activities for staff and faculty members and their families.
  • Organizing the participation of the University and workers in afforestation and cleaning campaigns in addition to other types of community service campaigns and national celebrations.
  • Coordinating and organizing participation in cultural and scientific fairs, and highlighting the University’s role in such functions.
  • Participating in the work of committees and task forces related to office’s activity.
  • Preparing annual and periodic follow-up reports on the office activities.

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