Office of Administrative Affairs

  • Taking all actions pertaining personnel matters in terms of the preparation of staffing, contracting affairs, recruitment, promotion, delegation, secondment and national service and other private matters in accordance with applicable legislation.
  • Opening and keeping employees’ personal  records  and files, in addition to maintaining the confidentiality of their contents, and organizing their circulation among professionals.
  • Carrying out incoming and outgoing mail works, and organizing its documentation, distribution and maintenance of records.
  • Proposing plans and programs for developing the capacity and skills of employees and tracking their implementation.
  • Carrying out works of printing, copying, and facsimile.
Misurata University Administrative Affairs Office, مكتب الشؤون الإدارية جامعة مصراتة
  • Identifying the needs of tools, equipment and office stationery in coordination with the competent regulatory divisions and ensuring their provision.
  • Participating in the work of committees and task forces related to office’s activity.
  • Participating in seminars, symposia and scientific meetings of related activity both domestically and abroad.
  • Preparing annual and periodic follow-up reports on the activities of the office.

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