Motto, Vision and Mission

Misurata University MOTTO

Our Vision:

We aspire to be an educational and academic institution of an  international reputation. Graduating specialists  holding a distinguished position in scientific research and playing a vital  role in lifelong society growth.

Core Values:

  • Quality.
  • Integrity and Accountability.
  • Transparency and Credibility.
  • Team Spirit.
  • Creativity.
  • Cooperation and Partnership with Relevant Arab and Foreign Institutes.

Our Mission:

Our University seeks to provide distinguished educational and research services, that conform to the global quality standards in various branches of knowledge, by preparing and training graduates, to be able to legitimately compete in domestic and international labor markets. Together with sustaining the proper atmosphere for the conducting of research that can achieve international status. As well as actively contributing  to society growth, via influential applicable growth programs, which serve its progress, development and prosperity.


  • Achieving progress in the areas of science, technology, thought, art, and ​​employment, to reach both  national and international goals, as well as taking part in the development of human civilization and the expansion of human knowledge horizons, and contributing  to the economic and social development in Libya.
  • Training specialized personnel in different scientific, productive and service fields, so they will be eligible to play their part in society building and cope with the flux of science, technology and civilization.
  • Designing, executing and enhancing diverse study and research programs, which contribute to scientific and technical advance. Alongside with offering consultation to public and private institutions and companies.
  • Developing the tools and means for education and scientific research including educational print and translation. In addition to the provision of laboratories necessary for the educational and research processes.
  • Strengthening relationships and ties as well as exchanging experience with other scientific institutions on the local and global scales, through sending students to study abroad, conducting cooperative researches in various field and holding local and international conferences.
  • Fostering the Arabic language and its literature and promoting its usage in all fields of science and knowledge.
  • Fostering the local community through applicable growth programs which play a part in its progress and development.
  • Placing emphasis on other international languages, especially English as it is considered the global vehicle to transfer modern knowledge and technology.
  • Enhancing the performance and upgrading the levels of the teaching staff members to enhance the educational process.

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