Master’s Studies

Misurata University Master's Studies, دراسات الماجستير جامعة مصراتة

Given the significant impact postgraduate studies have on raising the spirit of scientific research among students, and out of  the University’s desire to produce specialists with high levels and competencies in various scientific disciplines, the University has directed special attention to the master’s studies program and encouraged to proceed with it.

Master’s Studies at the Misurata University were not a thing of recent; They began as of 1986 in the Physics Department at the Faculty of Sciences, then the Department of Chemistry in 1991, and the rest of the other departments at the faculty followed thereupon and thus all departments of the Faculty of Sciences are running master’s program,  the most recent  of which is the Computer Department, which it began its master’s  studies program on: 03/05/2006.

In the Faculty of Arts on the other hand, the Arabic Department commenced its master’s studies in 1992,  and then after that the Departments of Philosophy, Psychology, History, Geography, Sociology and Education.

In the Spring of 2003 the Faculty of Engineering inaugurated its master’s studies in three departments: the Department of Electrical Engineering, the Department of Civil Engineering and Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Then in the Faculty of Economics, where master’s program seeks to qualify scientific personnel in the field of various economic sciences and to develop the spirit of scientific research study in students, in addition to training them on scientific research approaches and methods, and conducting studies and scientific research that contribute to the development and progress of society, the he program began in Fall 2003 in the Departments of Economics, Management and Accounting in the spring of 2006.

Finally, the Faculty of Law started its master’s program in the 2005/2006 academic year.

Since the beginning of master’s  studies program and until the end of February 2014, Misurata University awarded (490) master’s degrees after discussion and scientific assessment. The first master’s  degree granted  by the University was on: 11/14/1986 to Mustafa Abdel-Salam Nasr from the Department of Physics, Faculty of Sciences, who is now a member of faculty staff of the department with a Professor degree. The number of master’s students has reached (673) students during the academic year: 2013/2014.

These figures are the result of  constant preparation to resolve any problems that encounter the academic departments during the implementation of the master’s program.