Master’s Studies Program’s Goals

Misurata University Master's Studies' Goals, أهداف دراسات الماجستير جامعة مصراتة
  • The preparation of high level specialists at in the field of scientific research to achieve self-sufficiency through qualified national personnel, in order to participate in community service and development in all fields.
  • Contributing to the study of various local and national problems, and providing appropriate solutions to them. In addition to providing personnel of expertise and technical and scientific competencies.
  • Working on the preparation of specialized personnel to achieve sufficiency of national faculty staff.
  • Developing research proficiency among graduate students, and training them on approaches and methods of scientific research for studying and resolving local problems.
  • Strengthening interaction and communication between the academic and educational institutions on the one hand and research and domestic and international development institutions and other community organizations on the other hand, in order to bring about overall development within the community components.
  • Following up on scientific advances, and keeping up with developments taking place in various fields, and utilizing all of that to serve the community and develop its abilities.
  • Preparing specialized and qualified personnel in various disciplines.
  • Contributing to the revival of the Islamic and Arab heritage in various humanities.
  • Working on linking the University with the community through coordination and cooperation, to make the University a scientific and educational enlightenment
  • Revitalizing the University’s academic and research roles.

Language of Instruction:

Arabic is the language of study and research in the graduate college. English may be used as a language of instruction if needed. Non-Arab students are required to spend a year to study Arabic before starting their master’s studies or provide proof of their ability to study in Arabic, with the exception of the departments that teach in  English.