Language Center

Formation and Objectives:

Founded on: 05/10/2005, this institution is one of the achievements of the University, It aims to teach some of the most widely spread living languages around the world. It helps students and those who are interested to learn these languages in order to improve their intellectual level, and broaden their educational horizons for cultures and new concepts about other peoples. This in turn leads to the sophistication of approaching those people’s issues and interacting with various thinking modes of people coming from different cultural backgrounds.

ELS Language Centers Misurata University, مركز اللغات جامعة مصراتة

Objectives and Aspirations:

  • Teaching languages to academicians, teaching assistants and staff members of the University.
  • Improving language skills of individuals who wish to learn English and other languages.
  • Providing assistance for teachers of English in public schools; improving their teaching styles, and developing their applied skills.
  • Implementation of Arabic language courses to non-native speakers.
  • Encouraging the process of translation from and into Arabic to introduce genuine Islamic and Arab civilization to the various peoples of the world.
  • Direct education and learning through the International Information Network (the Internet).

The Current Plan:

 The Center’s utmost priority at the present time is to teach the English language as it is the first requirement and the most needed language. The Center accepts University faculty members and TAs who are nominated to study  abroad in order to improve their linguistic competence, in addition to institutions’, companies’ and organizations’ personnel.

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