Faculty of Law

Faculty of Law Misurata University, كلية القانون جامعة مصراتة
Faculty of Law Formation Misurata University, معلومات حول كلية القانون جامعة مصراتة

God – the Almighty –  created man to be his successor on Earth, and to live and prosper according to the norms established by His Divine Wisdom, and conveyed  through prophets and messengers peace be upon them. Man was equipped with protective weapons  against the traps of Satan, the lures of the human psyche, the pitfalls of passion and unbridled instincts, on top of these weapons is reason and conscience.

In order for civilization to be preserved in its optimal form as God Almighty desires, there must be rules and principle derived from His laws that  regulate man’s relationship with his brother man and groups relationships with other groups, which [the rules and principles] should be the protector of rights and freedoms, and the deterrent to the desires of evil and deviation from the straight path. All to demonstrate the profound importance of law in the  life of individuals and communities.

Faculty of Law Formation Misurata University, معلومات حول كلية القانون جامعة مصراتة
Faculty of Law Opening and Stages Misurata University, افتتاح ومراحل كلية القانون جامعة مصراتة
Faculty of Law Study System, Degree Granted and Academic Departments Misurata University, نظام دراسة والدرجة العلمية وأقسام دراسة كلية القانون جامعة مصراتة
Faculty of Law Graduate Studies Misurata University, مجالات التخرج كلية القانون جامعة مصراتة
Faculty of Law Library Misurata University, مكتبة كلية القانون جامعة مصراتة
Faculty of Law Logo Misurata University, شعار كلية القانون جامعة مصراتة

This body of laws, which is the safe haven for man, and the protective shield  that enables him  to work and be creative while being safe and reassured on his freedom and fruit of labor, must be drafted and compiled by the hands of qualified specialists  equipped with a fine legal sense, and broad recognition, understanding and contact with the histories and experiences of other nations and peoples; to devise laws compatible with our values ​​and our ideals in light of what is prescribed and proscribed by our religion. As well as being effectively and precisely applied, and inflicted on offenders, in order for happiness to be realized and great strides are made towards achieving the dream of a utopian society which philosophers and intellectuals have spent their lives dreaming of.

Henceforth was the establishment of a law school in the city of Misurata a necessary requirement of urgency achieved thanks to the sincere efforts of the people of this city.

Faculty of Law Vision Misurata University, رؤية كلية القانون جامعة مصراتة

The Faculty aspires to be one of the most reputable sources of legal science on local and international levels.

Faculty of Law Mission Misurata University, مهمة كلية القانون جامعة مصراتة

Educating legal specialists, by providing them with knowledge in legal sciences, and honing their skills and preparing them in theoretic and practical terms to guarantee their efficiency and excellence in serving  the community.

Faculty of Law Gaols Misurata University, أهداف كلية القانون جامعة مصراتة

The Faculty  seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Graduating specialists in the fields of legal studies necessary for the community, and qualifying them  both on domestic and international levels.
  2. Contributing  to rooting and developing legal thought. Besides the dissemination of legal culture through the promotion of theoretical and applied academic research. In addition to organizing and participating  in seminars, conferences, and publication of books and specialized studies.
  3. Studying the Islamic Shari’a ‘body of laws’ and working on developing it to meet the requirements of the times, in accordance with the principles derived from the sources of Islamic Sharia.
  4. Providing advice and proposals in various legal fields. And working  to make the Faculty a consultative center and a house of expertise for community organizations.
  5. Working on raising the efficiency levels of faculty staff and employees by conducting training courses, seminars and workshops to keep pace with developments in academic and administrative areas.