Faculty Members

Misurata University Faculty Members, هيئة التدريس جامعة مصراتة

A large number of PhD and MA holders assume the position of faculty members in Misurata University in various scientific disciplines, as illustrated by the following chart:


Foreigners Visiting Professors Total
854 130 550


Committee of Faculty Members Affairs:

The Committee of Faculty Members Affairs is a standing committee formed by a resolution of the University President according to the bylaws of Faculty Affairs. It was recently re-established by a resolution No. (583) of the University President for the year 2012 issued on: 08/10/2012 AD. This Committee functions under the supervision of the Vice President for Academic Affairs according to regulations of the faculty members affairs. It is assigned with the following:

– Checking the fulfillment of the conditions of appointment, promotion, transfer, delegation and secondment of faculty members, and any other matter related to their careers.

– Viewing reports of the evaluation committees for promotions to draw conclusions, and offer recommendations to the University President.

– Examining the reports on visiting faculty members made by the scientific departments of the involved faculties.

– Any work assigned to it by the University President or Council that is within its jurisdiction.