Consultancy and Research Center



Misurata University’s Research and Consultation Center was established by the decree No. (322)  of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research for the year 2007 on 05.30.2007

Mission :

Sponsoring and publishing  esteemed  scientific and literary researches and studies that help society and live up to the level of scientific competition, thereby contributing to raising  the status of Misurata University among leading universities.


To be a distinctively accomplished center in conducting scientific and literary research and studies, and a scientific consulting center working to serve the local community in particular and the state of Libya in general.


The center aims to play its role as a research and advisory institute among the research and consultancy centers offices through the following:

  • Popularizing of science and technology culture.
  • Contributing to the building and development of society through national and foreign expertise.
  • Activating the role of the University’s faculties as an advisory bodies.
  • Exploitating available resources and searching for new resources to support and contribute to the prosperity of the national economy.
  • Giving momentum to a comprehensive scientific renaissance in the various scientific disciplines.
  • Contributing to the study and monitoring of the implementation of development projects.

The Center’s offices:

-Research and Consultancy Office of Engineering -Research and Consultancy Office of Bio-sciences
-Research and Consultancy Office of Economics -Research and Consultancy Office of Social Sciences

Center’s Work Scheme:

The center seeks to be a renowned scientific reference in theoretical, applied and research aspects for national and foreign institutions, organizations and companies in the following functional areas:

  • Employing University personnel of academic potential and expertise to contribute in society progress.
  • Monitoring scientific and technological development in all areas and cooperating with specialized centers for the treatment of problems to achieve progress.
  • Holding conferences, seminars and training courses that are related to scientific and social research.
  • Studying society’s problems and the difficulties facing development plans in order to conceive and offer advice on how to solve them.

Based on these objectives the following program which represents the Center’s work scheme was devised:

First / Field of Studies, Tests, Supervision, and Counseling:

The Center is capable of accomplishing many undertakings through resourcing to laboratories and expertise available at the University faculties, most notably the Center is capable of the following :

  • Conducting soil tests and analysis for different organizations.
  • Conducting concrete slump tests for different organizations.
  • Supervising construction works.
  • Supervising to the installation of factories.
  • Offering engineering consultations (mechanical, electrical, constructions, planning, architectural, materials science).
  • Conducting design and planning works for different organizations.
  • Preparing operation and maintenance plans and programs for different organizations.
  • Studying and evaluating offers to make recommendations on the ones to select.

Second / Linkage and Collaboration with Domestic and International Organizations:

  • Participating in local and international courses, seminars and conferences.
  • Inviting experts to give lectures and training courses in specialized subjects.
  • Sharing information with specialized research centers through the exchange of visits, the Internet and providing brochures and pamphlets.

Third / Managing and Tracking Projects:

The Center is by all means eligible to manage projects under  implementation until  their completion , and to carry out operation tests in the case of factories until completion, and to initially receive construction projects such as the Free Zone projects,  and infrastructure projects such as bridges, roads and sanitation networks.

Fourth /Training Courses:

The Center conducts the following training courses :

  • Specialized courses carried out with respect to the request of organizations, with whom both the content and the duration of the course are negotiated. They can take place within the Center, the concerned organization or any other training institute. The Center can bring in experts and specialists from within the Country or from abroad to implement some specialized courses. Moreover it can also send trainees in specialized courses abroad, to receive appropriate trainings in specialized centers or universities abroad, after agreeing with the sponsoring organization on  the quality of the course and its costs.
  • General courses for different organizations in most engineering and technical disciplines. Most of these courses are conducted within the Center or the University’s faculties.

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