City Of Misurata

City Of Misurata

Misurata is a lively city in the west region of Libya about 2 hours driving from Tripoli. With a population of over 500,000 Misurata is the third  largest city in Libya. It is home to the university of Misurata where lots of students find their way to study and work.

People in Misurata are known to be friendly and welcoming so visitors are likely to feel like home while on their stay. If you are shopping  or spending the day out you will be going to the city centre where famous shops including Next and Zara open their doors.

There are lots of restaurants all around the city serving food of various cuisines mainly Libyan, Tunisian and Turkish where one can be spoiled for menu choices. Night life in Misurata is great and people normally go to social places including shisha shops and coffees to have fun and enjoy their time. Summer time is also amazing where you get to enjoy the pleasure and beauty of hot weather and crystal-clear sea water. You cannot help stopping by to swim and entertain yourself at Misurata Pier if you are driving along Camary road.

Historically, the city has been a major trading centre since the Roman times when Roman and Libyan traders from east, south and west came to buy and sell goods such as wool, flour and dates or to trade off their goods. Today, the city has the largest seaport in Libya as well as a major international airport helping create an atmosphere of commercial and economic revival.

There is also the biggest steel and iron manufacturing company in North Africa and the only in Libya as well as many other foreign companies including Toyota and Nissan working in Misurata, which helps improve economic conditions through money INVESTING and employment demand

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