Organizational Chart

University President:

Who is responsible for executing decisions and recommendations  made by the University Council. Together with managing the  scientific, educational, administrative and financial affairs of the university according to the rules and legislations. The following administrations and offices are

Undergraduate Program Requirements

College Requirements

All of the majors listed below are available for male and female students

College High School Percentage
College of Science 75%
College of IT 75%
College of Arts 70%
College of Business and Economics 75%
College of Education

University Physical Rehabilitation Centre-Faculty of Nursing

University Physical Rehabilitation Centre-Faculty of Nursing

Faculty of Nursing
Announcement of available position for prosthetist/orthotist
Misurata University announces availability of technician staff position at the University Physical Rehabilitation Centre

  • Minimum required knowledge & experience:
  • ISPO Category I (Bsc) certification.
  • Three years working experience as P&O.
  • Good

City Of Misurata

City Of Misurata

Misurata is a lively city in the west region of Libya about 2 hours driving from Tripoli. With a population of over 500,000 Misurata is the third  largest city in Libya. It is home to the university of Misurata where …

Language Center

Formation and Objectives:

Founded on: 05/10/2005, this institution is one of the achievements of the University, It aims to teach some of the most widely spread living languages around the world. It helps students and those who are interested to