Consultancy and Research Center



Misurata University’s Research and Consultation Center was established by the decree No. (322)  of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research for the year 2007 on 05.30.2007

Mission :

Sponsoring and publishing  esteemed  scientific and literary researches and

Researches and Scientific Studies Centers

Researches and Scientific Studies Centers are specialized research centers aimed to achieve a comprehensive and integrative progress, by conducting scientific research, studies and scientific consultancy in all disciplines  of humanities, applied sciences and all disciplines related academic activity of the

University’s Annual Award Ceremony

On Wednesday morning, 10/06/2015, the amphitheatre of the fighter, Bashir El-Saadawi, witnessed the annual award of Misurata University. This came within the generous initiative from the presidency of the university towards its people, to celebrate and ovation them and to

General Program

Successful graduates of Misurata University have both the depth of preparation in their majors to excel in their chosen careers as well as the breadth of knowledge, skills, attitudes, and perspectives needed by citizens in the changing world of the …

Leadership Board

The Leadership Board is the highest level of authority at Misurata University, overseeing all its policies and operations. The Board is responsible for approving the university’s annual budget and any major changes in university policy, degree programs and other administrative …

Special needs

Special needs

At Misurata University we recognize that every student will have their own views about what the term ‘disability’ means.

Your ideas may have been formed by the attitudes of others and your own experiences, and will be different for each