Misurata University Alumni, خريجين جامعة مصراتة

Since spring semester of 1987 which marks the graduation of the first batch from  the Faculty of Basic Sciences, and until the end of the academic year: 2012/2013, the number of the University  graduates has reached (19560)  students from various scientific disciplines.

Thus the University of Misurata, with this considerable number  of graduates has actively contributed to the pace of marching  forward,  in addition the promotion of growth and community development by the provision  of scientific competent personnel with appropriate expertise.


Graduates Number
 1 Sciences 4103
2 Arts 5820
3 Economics 1968
4 Law 1195
5 Medicine 870
6 Engineering 582
7 Pharmacology 264
8 Education 4415
9 IT 146
10 Nursing 66
11 Dentistry 131
Total 19560

University graduate figures from Spring 1987 to the academic year 2012/2013

And for the purpose of accessibility to its alumni, the University of Misurata issued its sixth alumni directory for the academic years: 2009-2012 containing (5484) graduates of different scientific and literary disciplines. Efforts are underway to publish the 7th edition.