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university undersecretary of Scientific Affairs

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management of the university undersecretary of Scientific Affairs oversees the academic work in all its forms represented in :

Adjusting the quality of curriculum, rehabilitation and upgrading of faculty members. Developing acceptance policies of graduate, teaching assistants, students registered and keeping academic records. Other distinctive tasks of the Scientific Affairs are monitoring the program of study and exams and making sure its procedures in accordance with the applicable regulations, follow up graduate studies procedures and provide training opportunities for faculty staff and facilitate their participation in scientific conferences, workshops and seminars in accordance with the rules and regulations and shall be responsible to improve academic work at the university.

The following departments are operating under its direct supervision:

  1. Management of postgraduate, teaching assistants and training at the university
  2. Department of faculty members of the university
  3. management of quality, accreditation and university performance evaluation
  4. Research Center and university consulting
  5. Technical Consultancy Office
  6. International Cooperation Office “cultural


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