About Us

About Us Misurata University, حول جامعة مصراتة

Misurata University is a Libyan university that contributes in growth development and progress promotion through the education of qualified personnel in various scientific fields. In addition to nurturing students’ creativity and sense of exploration, devising plans for human development programs, sustaining a proper atmosphere for a proper educational process and  being a consultatory centre in diverse fields of knowledge.

The Beginnings:

Misurata University was founded in the year of 2000. Its first faculty, which is the Faculty of Sciences, had been founded in 1984, then other faculties followed steadily until there was 11 of them. Collectively subsuming more than 17,000 students in the faculties of: Sciences, Arts, Economics and Political Sciences, Law, Medicine, Engineering, Pharmacology, Education, Information Technology, Nursing and Dentistry.

Misurata University also comprises a research and consulting  centre and a language centre. The Research and Consulting Center includes specialized departments for engineering, economic, bio, and social sciences. In addition to these two centers, the university also has an information and documentation center and a media center taking charge of publicizing the University through prints and radio programs.

Since the first graduation class of 1987 and up, until the class of 2012/2013, more than 19,000 students have graduated from the different faculties of Misurata University.

Over 980 teaching staff members teach at our faculties, 86% of which are national Libyans, as well as over 823 teaching assistants and 550 visiting lecturers.

It is worth to mention that the beginning of higher studies in Misurata is marked by the inauguration of the department of metallurgy, which was a branch of Tripoli University in 1983.

Currently Misurata University is composed of 11 faculties:

1. Faculty of Sciences.

2. Faculty of Arts.

3. Faculty of Economics and Political Science.

4. Faculty of Law.

5. Faculty of Medicine.

6. Faculty of Engineering.

7. Faculty of Pharmacology.

8. Faculty of Education.

9. Faculty of Information Technology.

10. Faculty of Nursing.

11. Faculty of Dentistry.

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