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Faculty of Information Technology is one of the recent faculties in Misurata University. It was established by the decision of the previous General People`s Committee for Higher Education N. 27. It is considered one of the first faculties of information technology within the country. It specializes in teaching and granting bachelor`s degrees in various areas of Information Technology.
The faculty initially started with three departments: Computer Networks, Computer Science, and Software Engineering departments. Currently, the faculty consists of 6 departments: Computer Science, Computer Networks, Internet Systems, Information Systems, Software Engineering, and Multimedia departments.
Each academic year consists of two semesters: spring and fall. The faculty began admitting students and teaching in the beginning of Fall of 2006.

Our Dean

Dean`s Speech
In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.
May the blessings and peace of Allah be upon the most honored of prophets and messengers our master Muhammad and upon all his family and companions.
Welcome to the website of the Faculty of Information Technology at Misurata University. The website was created to give an idea about the activities and achievements of the faculty, to be a link between students and the world (locally and globally), and to constantly publish all the activities and news concerning the faculty.
The faculty has witnessed a major growth with the establishment of the Department of Computer Science since the academic year 1992/1993. This department has the longest and most prominent experience in teaching computer science and computer information systems.
The Faculty of Information Technology was established in 2005 including the Department of Computer Science in addition to the Department of Internet Systems.
The faculty sought to offer a variety of programs and majors to accommodate the students` needs and market requirements. This was achieved by activating and opening admission to Networks and Communications department in addition to three new departments: Software Engineering, Multimedia, and Information Systems. The faculty, additionally, seeks constantly to provide an adequate academic climate for students, teaching assistants, and faculty members.
In addition to granting bachelor`s degrees, the faculty approved the postgraduate program (Masters) in the field of Computer Science.
The faculty pays special attention to scientific research by holding conferences, seminars. The faculty has distinguished relations with trade and industrial institutions and IT education.
The Faculty of Information Technology in Misurata University has an indelible mark in the local labor market, as its graduates are employed in numerous occupations related to IT, work in major international firms, and successfully complete their postgraduate studies.
Dear visitors, I hope you find through this website answers to your inquiries. Do not hesitate to contact the faculty in case you need more information.
Finally, I thank you once again for visiting the Faculty of Information Technology website and your continued communication with the faculty.

Mr. Issa Hussain Manita
Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology, Misurata University.


- Providing excellent educational service in the field of computer science and information technology, and being a destination and dwelling of expertise for students and scholars.
- Effectively contributing to the development and advancement of the educational process.
- Becoming a scientific reference in the localization of information technology in the society.
- Providing consultations and research that contribute to the progress of the society.


The faculty works on advancing the society technically by providing excellent scientific programs in computer science and information technology.
- Preparing scientific cadres capable of facing future challenges and absorbing the vast and rapid progress in the IT field and fulfilling the needs of the community.
- In addition, it plays a leading role in solving technical problems and introducing and developing the latest technologies and achieving competencies that reach maximum level of effectiveness in developing the educational environment and society and enriching it with scientific research.
- Adopting various global high-quality activities in computer science and information technology.
- Creating academic and professional environment that urges on continuous development of all its members.


1. Preparing specialized personnel in computer science and information technology and enabling them to excel in postgraduate studies and scientific research and granting bachelor`s degree in various disciplines in the faculty.
2. Providing an educational environment that allows students to participate actively in various scientific, cultural, and social activities to uphold the values of fair competition and to accustom students on continuous self-learning and organized group work.
3. Developing the educational environment while preserving the principles and values of the local community.
4. Promoting the spirit of independence and initiative and to instill a culture of quality and continuous development.
5. Encouraging faculty members and students to conduct research.
6. Cooperating with the institutions of the local community and preparing solutions in various areas related to IT to advance the society and activate the role of the faculty in the progress movement through consultations, public lectures, workshops, and other activities.
7. Academic communication with other faculties, inside and outside the faculty nationally and internationally.
8. Keeping up with the latest technologies to promote the march of science.
9. Declaring talents and promoting them locally and internationally.
10. Preparing studies, plans, and strategies for the needs of the community and supporting it with qualified members.
11. Preparing plans, periodic studies, and internal evaluation to ensure the quality of education.
12. The continuous development of the faculty to reach a prominent international position in order to make it a destination for distinguished students, professors, and researchers.

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